Changing things from the inside is often a difficult process. In my articles I explain some of the reasons to get someone else to do it and some of the qualities it takes for that someone to be able to complete the changes you know you need.  I find that working on a new project really takes a set of skills and a high degree of resilience or the process can knock you sideways.  My thought leadership pieces are built from my experience of working on many contracts where my role has been as an interim leader. 

Looking back it is great to see the improvements you have made and the way you have supported organisations to move further and faster than they ever thought they could.  It is the best feeling in the world helping a business to realise its value and spread itself on to the next level. It is also very personal and I don’t give any testimonials about my work in this area – well you wouldn’t want me to air your smalls in public would you....

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