Often we think of innovating as totally new thoughts, “Blue Sky” thinking.  I believe that innovating is often about making a smaller improvement to how things work now or about getting to the heart of a problem and solving it rather than managing it. Disciplined minds and courageous hearts and a crystal ball on your desk!  Improving anything can be quite daunting on your own – it can feel like you need to follow a pathway rigidly or make sure you don’t think too creatively, you can hear other people in your mind asking you whether you are getting diverted from the real issue – are you solving a problem or creating one?

Invite me over for a coffee and some cake and lets build a model.  We can come up with a way of innovating that will allow you to carry on running your successful organisation; while I get out the maps and charts and start to help design the future for you. Once we think we have nearly got there I can help you fund it, find the right partners and take the rest of your organisation with you.

Type of Innovation Customer Market Location Value of Grant application
Technology Healthcare South West 100,000
Virtual Reality Automotive Wales 12,000,000
Robotics Healthcare South N/A
Media Healthcare London N/A
Flexible working Law South West N/A

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