Winning Writing

Winning Writing

Bid writing is an art – let me demonstrate how to get to grips with answering the questions, providing great examples and I will pitch you at the right level. I want to show you how we can take the commissioner right to the heart of what you do and show them why you are the best at it. “Put the reader in the room and introduce them to the organisations cat”. We should show them how your team work tirelessly to make a success of what they want to do and why you will deliver on time and in budget. In fact let’s get your other customers to write your bids with you and show the new ones why they choose you.

I will show you how to complete PQQ’s quickly and effectively or I can do them for you and set up a way to store the commercial information so that everything is at hand. How to give a flavour of your organisation in the response to the questions and to tell your story in 100 words or less.

The contracts and specifications are a story full of subtext and intrigue, I can show you what has gone wrong in the past for that commissioner and help you navigate the pitfalls of contracting or grant management by simplifying the way you report and ensuring the commissioner is getting the information they need without adding costs to your organisation.

Current bids and proposals I am working on:

Market Area Customer Location Value of Contract
Healthcare National organisation North East of England 18,000,000
Technology Small Tech company Midlands 100,000
Facilities National Organisation South West 1,200,000